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There are many great things about this supplier. They seem to be the most comprehensive site that I have found and they have a really good site search. This supplier ships promptly and they have a great range of products. They carry virtually all of the manufacturers and, considering the range of products, they have good information about all of their products. The range of manufacturers and products allows you to do comparative shopping on their site. These guys have been one of my primary suppliers while building and fitting out the "Theodore Robert". The only reason they are not rated a 5 is due to the fact that their prices, while competitive, are not the best for any given product. In addition, watch out for any back-ordered products. (These are accurately noted on the web site, and this is a problem with all suppliers).

This is a great site for wire. You cannot beat their prices on wire. I had some problems with an order and they set it right quickly and courteously. For their products, they are the best.

This seems to be a great site for hard to find sanding discs etc. Great prices.

This site has the best prices of supplied air hoods and vinyl gloves. Wide range of safety products. This site is not rated because I have not used it much. I did get the items I ordered and they were what I expected. I do not remember any problems, but I seem to remember that the delivery time was longer than expected.

This site has some interesting solenoid valves and pressure switches. I have used them a couple of times for these items. They are not cheap, but they seem to have the best prices that I could find. I used them for solenoid normally closed valves for vacuum break for my exhaust, and I used them for an external pressure switch for my water system when the switch died and I could not get the fresh water system to stop leaking into the switch, so repeated failures. The external switch seems to be working fine.

I rate this supplier a 5, due to their knowledge and helpfulness. This supplier has the best prices on a lot of the equipment they carry; particularly standing rigging. The site is not all that great, but if you call them, you get a person and they are great.

This supplier has hard to find bronze hardware. They sometimes have good prices on the things they carry. (Not often on the prices, but if you are building a boat, you will probably find the boatbuilding supplies here if you can't find a cheaper source)

This site is GREAT. If you have a PC, and want navigation software, this is it. Free!!! Works great. Works of FREE NOAA raster chart downloads.


This is a list of links to various suppliers that I have found. I am only listing suppliers that do not show up on a routine google search for "marine supplies"They each have something to recommend them. Typically I find the item I want then start checking sites for the best prices.


Home Specs Building the Theodore Robert Voyages Tech Tips Design Decisions Book Reviews Suppliers Related Links Contact Us