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This is the Home Page of “Ethan’s Ark”.

My reasons for this web site are many. I hope to inform, amuse, learn and have an answer for everyone who asks “Do you have a web site?” If nothing else, it will provide a place for me to come to where I can refresh my memories of friends and events that are part and parcel of  a project that has taken ten years to complete.

Come on in, take a look around, get some laughs and celebrate with me the project of a lifetime.

I purchased the home-made hull in March of 1996 in Florida and had it transported to the Indian Cove Marina and Boatyard in Merritt Island.  The Hull is based on a Bruce Roberts “Spray 41” and the original plans circa 1976 came with the boat. The top right picture shows the boat as I purchased it. Just to make a jump and not force everyone to follow the history, the bottom right picture shows the boat under sail in 2007, eleven years later. It may not look that different to you, but there is not one piece of the original in the current vessel.

After launching the "Theodore Robert" I obtained my "Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels" (OUPV) Captain's license and moved to Virginia. From Virginia, I moved back to Florida in November 2009. I was offered a job as an engineer in Lexington Park, Md. in March of 2010 and spent the next three years there. I have now retired and moved to Hudson, Fl. where I am catching up on the maintenace on the "Theodore Robert" and hope to join the "Theodore Robert" for a lot of sailing adventures.

Feel free to contact me for anything about boats.

I hope you enjoy the web site,


06/16/2010 This site is always undergoing upgrades so check back often. I am still waiting for JimBob and Rob to provide updates to the site about their trip delivering the "Theodore Robert" from Daytona, Fl., to Md.

03/02/2011 Updated to include the voyage from Florida to St. Mary's county MD. Fixed some small errors.

06/01/2014 Updated home page and included the voyage from St.Mary's county Md., to Hudson, Fl.

07/17/2017 Updated to include the voyage from Hudson, Fl. to the Bahamas.

07/10/2018 Much to my regret, I find that it is now time to sell the "Theodore Robert". I built her to sail across oceans and that is no longer feasible for me. I hope to find a buyer who will do her justice. I am asking $79,000. If you are interested, click on the contact button at the top of the page.



Jensen beach

Ethan’s Ark as purchased in Jensen Beach



Under Sail Feb. 2007


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